Tuscan Tailoring

From prototype to production

Tailoring and innovation for the fashion system

Manual skills and technology, experience and research, together with sixty years of “knowledge”, are available to the Fashion System, to ensure that creative ideas can be realized in practice.
Innovation, competitiveness, versatility, quality and passion are always the characteristics of the core business Giuntini applies not only to the product but to the production process, too.
A company, a family, a story that has its roots in the territory where it was born, the Tuscany made of great artisan experience and workers prepared to perform the most sophisticated manual processing.
From prototype to delivery to the customer warehaouse, through the realization of clothes  for the catwalk, sample collections, production: a production process calibrated on quality standards of the “luxury” and the fashion houses needs.

Materials research

Product development

Pattern making


Quality control

Logistic e Shipping


The most precious manufacture, the soul of the company,  is always handmade


Crystals, stones, metal applications, twisted with gold threads and pure silver filaments to make each garment unique and exclusive.

Fluid fabrics

The ability to vivify fluid and impalpable fabrics, creating light volumes, in an endless game of shapes.

Welded fabrics

Welding is one of the most innovative fabrics coupling systems, to manufacture a garment without seams.

Be inspired, stay tuned

In our company an idea originates a garment.

A fancy flight becomes real and brings all our knowledge and souls in itself Here luxury fancy flights come alive

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