if  you have never worn a Double face garment you probably do not have the idea of the experience.  – the beautiful sensation on skin stems from the lack of lining, but especially from the awareness of wearing a garment with an history, the result of a crafted handmade product extremely accurate …. a real tailored luxury

A double face garment is not necessarily reversible but this technique was born just to create double identity garments, usually combining patterned and plain fabrics


Everything starts from the fabric: the roll is already double and the two layers are opened with a micrometrical accuracy.

The edges obtained are then folded on themselves and handstiched

Every garment is unique: expert hands realize the stitch in a completely invisible way

There are 35/40 stitches every 10 cm that give the sartorial aspect only a double face garment handstitched could have.


In the thirties the double face construction was used for men and women coats only, usually in quite heavy wool fabrics.

In the fifties, with Dior, its glory explodes, majorly in the coats with the famous corolla shape, so much as the belts

In the ‘60s is Mila Schon who combined the double face construction with “A” line dresses and tunics to be worn on straight trousers.

In the ‘70s the long nightgown coats, soft and unconstructed make the double face history


Nowadays the double face evolution goes towards the combination of different materials, not only two-colors but two-ways.

Wool and nylon, cotton and silk for coats, rainwear but also skirts and dresses