Tailoring and innovation

Manual skills and technology, experience and research, together with sixty years of “knowledge”, are available to the Fashion System, to ensure that creative ideas can be realized in practice.
Innovation, competitiveness, versatility, quality and passion are always the characteristics of the core business Giuntini applies not only to the product but to the production process, too.
A company, a family, a story that has its roots in the territory where it was born, the Tuscany made of great artisan experience and workers prepared to perform the most sophisticated manual processing.
From prototype to delivery to the customer warehaouse, through the realization of clothes  for the catwalk, sample collections, production: a production process calibrated on quality standards of the “luxury” and the fashion houses needs. 

Product development

Developing the designer idea till the realization of the prototype and its further finalization


Reliable partner for big, high-quality production, thanks to the high level of industrialization of production processes.

Materials research

Set up of all components, construction and details till the make of the final garment for the catwalk.

quality control

The inspections on each garment are extremely strict to accomplish the extraordinarily high quality standards.

pattern making

Versatility is the real skill: the capability to work with fluid as with structured fabrics

logistic and shipping

A production process calibrated on quality standards of the “luxury” and the fashion houses needs.


Experience and Innovation

know how

Manual skills and technology, experience, study and research.

In our company an idea originates a garment.



Human imagination has no limit, especially when it concerns fashion. Turning an idea into something real, making a dream come true and amazing people are all aspects that make our job so special. Research leads to experiment with shapes, colours and materials. It is...

The Evergreen trench coat

The Evergreen trench coat

Do you know how the trench coat got its name? At the beginning, the trench coat was a raincoat worn by British Army officers during the First World War in order to defend themselves against rain and mud. Thomas Burberry, an enterprising outfitter from Surrey and...

Laser: the embroidery becomes “techno”

Laser: the embroidery becomes “techno”

Technology could help but a machine remains only a machine without an idea to be realized and its conceiver behind. The investment in leading edge machineries does not replace but completes human creativity … like a “bionic limb” ! We are joking obviously! Embroidery...


giuntini spa

The headquarters are in a quiet location, but well connected to the main communication routes, 20 km from Pisa and 40 km from Florence


MON-FRI 8.30-13.00 / 14-17.30 Warehouse times: MON-FRI 8-12.30 / 13.30-17



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Secondo Viale 25, Zona Industriale La Fila – 56037 Peccioli (PI) – Italy