grow into excellence

The Florence Group Mission

why florence group

Today the fashion houses ask us for research and design, finished garments and innovation, prototyping and craftsmanship. We also do it well, but at a certain point we asked ourselves: how can we continue to grow by creating a vehicle of excellence without selling off our value? So we started looking for other companies who, like us, knew the world of luxury fashion well.

And luckily we found them.


our know-how is precious

The value of our experience is very high and we must not sell it off.

We work in synergy with the big brands: we propose solutions and present innovations that we then interpret based on what the stylists want to achieve. We have machinery for traditional processing, but also latest generation ultrasound systems, and most of our workers are constantly engaged on projects, models and prototypes. 

excellence has a cost

Working with excellence today requires this, but it has a cost, which every company alone can hardly bear in the long term.

the holding model wins

The big luxury brands now rely almost exclusively on companies like ours that must meet certain criteria. Our goal is therefore to strengthen the supply chain and create a value chain.

Gruppo Florence was born on the initiative of us companies that want to enhance and not waste our Italian know-how.

Being a group means safeguarding the future of our companies and helping them to meet new market demands.