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With over 3.000 prototypes a year and a production capacity of 400.000 items of women's clothing, of which 50% "outerwear", thanks to its ability to manage and optimize a complex, yet delicate, production process, Giuntini is now has become a point of reference for the biggest names in Italian and international fashion, a complementary, reliable partner with a DNA of "service" and "problem solving".

history and

Giuntini was born in 1957 from Landa Sabatini's great passion for fashion.
From knitwear to outerwear, to tailored double garments, the company grows as a reference partner of the most famous international brands.

Today, after 50 years of activity, Giuntini manages to bring together craftsmanship and industrialization, creativity and technology, strengthened by its experience and tradition, but always with an eye to the future.
To conduct this orchestra composed of many different elements but capable of creating unique harmonies together, a family: Landa Sabatini e Germano Giuntini with their three children Roberta, Andrea e Nicola.

Thanks to their ability to enhance the peculiarities of the workers, finding the right place for each tool, the company moves in unison towards a future that makes versatility its true strength, consolidating a success born from the ability to find solutions creative and innovative drawing on a know-how that comes from the solid foundations of the artisan experience.

the lady of the double

From the prototype, to the delivery of the garments in the customer's warehouse, passing through the creation of the clothes destined to be paraded on the catwalk, samples, production; a complex process, the corporate one, whose cycle begins and must be completed in less than three months, in compliance with the qualitative standards of “luxury” and according to the changing needs of the market and consequently of the fashion houses.

 The foundations of this industrial process are the solid foundations of the artisan experience, those created by Landa Sabatini, "the Lady of the Double", as they still call her today, who in the XNUMXs was able to transform a passion with dedication and perseverance , in a highly successful international business.


Giuntini has always considered the quality of the product, customer satisfaction, protection and respect for the environment, the safety of workers and their continuous professional growth and awareness through in-company training to be of fundamental importance.

chemical management

Since 2015 Giuntini SPA has decided to create one within his own company Chemical Management Procedure which was definitively implemented with the ISO 14001 certification, achieved in March 2017, which defined this tool compliant with the legislation and therefore functional


The Cparmi Prime Company is the highest level of evaluation of the reliability of a company and is issued only and exclusively to companies that constantly maintain a high reliability and are virtuous in payments to suppliers.


Giuntini supports Fairy Children, un 'non-profit organization that funds social projects, managed by parents' associations, institutions or hospitals, aimed at children and young people with autism and disabilities.

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The headquarters are in a quiet location, but well connected to the main communication routes, 20 km from Pisa and 40 km from Florence 


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