chemical management

Correctly and sustainably managing the chemicals used in a production process is a requirement for companies in the Fashion sector. Consumers, in fact, show an ever-increasing attention to the impact that the production of goods can have on people and the environment. It is for this reason that since 2015 Giuntini SPA has decided to create one within his own company Chemical Management Procedure which was definitively implemented with the ISO 14001 certification, achieved in March 2017, which defined this tool compliant with the legislation and therefore functional.

The chemical substances management procedure, and therefore the management of the environmental impact deriving from them, in the fashion supply chain and especially within a company that manufactures clothing, certainly requires the adaptation of its production processes. internal but also involves the need / opportunity to systematically manage the related aspects of the relationship with its suppliers, undertaking a path based on the control of these problems in the supply chain, also through the use of increasingly detailed Specifications, MRSL and PRSL. The main purpose of Giuntini SPA is to monitor its production chain in order to involve and train all the members who represent it to:

▪ Obtain greater awareness of the chemicals in use internally or at its Suppliers
▪ Respond to the environmental requirements established by its Customers / Brands
▪ Implement actions aimed at controlling the risk of non-compliance and non-compliance related to the use of materials that are dangerous for the environment and for living beings in general
▪ Contribute to the reduction of the use of pollutants through the search for alternative solutions, which can also bring benefits in terms of efficiency of production processes.
▪ Equip yourself with tools that allow you to measure your environmental presentation by promoting its communicability
▪ Strengthen its commitment to sustainability
▪ Monitor and control the presence of chemicals in the finished product, demonstrating a proactive approach towards its Customers and Stakeholders