Integrated quality, environment and ethics management system 

The commitment to safeguard these values ​​has prompted the management to operate with an integrated management system for Quality, Social Responsibility and the Environment, according to the ISO 9001, SA 8000 and ISO 14001 standards, as an international tool recognized and suitable for continuously improving the organization's business, social and environmental performance.

The integrated management system of Giuntini SPA was certified in March 2017 by the Bureau Veritas body, which recognized the company's compliance with the underlying standards by issuing an official certificate.


ACCREDIA is the single national accreditation body designated by the Government on December 22, 2009, born as a recognized non-profit association from the merger of SINAL and SINCERT and with the contribution of SIT - INRIM, ENEA and ISS.

 ACCREDIA is the single national accreditation body designated by the Italian Government, that is the only body recognized in Italy to certify that the certification and inspection bodies, test laboratories, including for food safety, and calibration ones have the skills to assess the compliance of products, processes and systems with the reference standards. ACCREDIA operates under the supervision of the Ministry of Economic Development and performs a public authority service, as accreditation is a service carried out in the public interest and an effective tool for qualifying the products and services that circulate on all markets.

The RDS certification provides for the release of an environmental declaration verified by a third party, in our case ICEA, which ensures that the feathers and down used for padding elements are obtained from birds that have not been subjected to treatments that cause pain, suffering or stress.

Giuntini therefore undertakes to carry out the identification through a complete traceability of feathers and down used for the packaging, attested by this RDS certificate.

Certified by ICEA
RDS 2019-007