in full light

When we rethought the product department together with And Studio Architect of Calcinaia (PI) the concept was immediately a bright space where you can interact easily.

Each of our orders starts here, the research, the selection of raw materials, the coordination of each phase of work from the idea to the realization of the prototype and the sample garment approved for production. Lighting must be well distributed, to allow both work in front of the monitors and to be able to analyze fabrics, accessories, finished garments. At the same time, the environment is required to reflect the company's modern mood and its fashion DNA. 

creative lights

We focused in particular on the lighting system, with lamps suspended on the worktops.

The AoL Circular and AoL Linear lights (BIG | Tolomeo Micro - Michele de Lucchi, Giancarlo Fassina) design the name Giuntini

workstations and meeting room

The space is divided between workstations that overlook the production department and a large open space for meetings. 

Project: And Studio Architect

Photo: Piero Savorelli