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The Florence Group is born

2020: the Florence group is born

We are proud to have inaugurated a new course for our company.

As partners of the Florence group we are an integral part of a creative platform at the service of luxury fashion.

We told in the first issue of Florence Magazine, the aims of the investors who believed in this project and the history of us companies that have contributed to making this operation possible, so important for the development of the fashion supply chain, which has made the Made in Italy a trademark all over the world.


We, like the other companies in the group, will contribute to giving our best in the product development phase and will create important synergies to further enhance and develop this Made in Italy luxury production platform.

the excellence of made in Italy is structured 

As a group, we will keep the already winning characteristics of Made in Italy intact, but we will make the processes that will lead to improvements in the services we offer more structured, starting from investments in research, to industrialization capacity, from sustainability and traceability with blockchain technologies, to the reduction of delivery time.  

that's who we are  

Giuntini, Ciemmeci Fashion, Mely's: so we introduced ourselves in Florence Magazine No. 1.