made in tuscany

Growing despite everything: memorandum of understanding with the Tuscany Region

the strength of made in tuscany: growing despite the pandemic

2020 a truly unimaginable year, which has seen us change course several times but without ever losing the helm. The goal has always been one and only one: to grow. Despite the health and economic situation, we have always thought about moving forward, protecting our employees, making them work safely (hence the conversion to the production of masks) and working for our territory. That territory that has rewarded us by recognizing our commitment and dedication, so much so that we can be proud of having just signed an important memorandum of understanding with the Tuscany Region.

the protocol with the Tuscan region

Our goal is and always has been to strengthen our activities in the area and ensure significant employment benefits. The memorandum of understanding with the Tuscany Region will accompany us in the process of carrying out our current and future activities and projects through the coordination of a specially constituted working group at the Presidency of the Region.

what advantages we will have from this collaboration

The aim is to facilitate relations and synergies with Tuscan companies through the activation of direct contacts; foster collaboration with the local academic world for research and development activities with the aim of developing innovative technologies, processes and products; guarantee constant information on the opportunities offered by regional training support tools; support energy efficiency interventions; support the expansion plans abroad.

tuscan tailoring

“We are proud to be Tuscan, it is our DNA, ours is a family business that has deep roots in the territory where it was born, that Tuscany made up of great craftsmanship experience and skilled workers to perform the most refined manual processes. Our growth with a view to a more structured context has made us promoters of this memorandum of understanding, which as part of the Florence Group, sees us ready to face a future that is increasingly full of challenges. " Nicholas Giuntini