The fashion supply chain is ready for the revolution. The uprisings are felt almost everywhere and speak of aggregation, sustainability and strengthening of all production phases. The main example of this movement is the birth of Florence, the first holding in the high-end fashion chain financed by the Italian Investment Fund and Vam Investment of the former CEO of Bulgari, Francesco Trapani. His goal is to create a clothing hub for big brands and luxury companies that is capable of investment, innovation and production speed.


Where know-how meets fashion

May 2021 


Giuntini, one of the most important Italian tailors, is located between Pisa and Florence. The company's production spaces - laboratories and offices - have been redesigned by And Studio Architect of Calcinaia (PI). The modeling department is an open space of 750 square meters, where a large window separates the station of the modelers from an area for meetings with the press and allows you to follow the clothes right from the sketch. To facilitate concentration on the quality of fabrics and textures, the environment has gray or black walls and light worktops. The lighting system is fundamental for the well-being of the employees. Artemide's Eggboard led lamps suspended on the worktops also absorb acoustic reverberation. A24 is also the work of Artemide, the line of light designed by Carlotta de Bevilacqua that winds softly through the spaces like a thread. (MM)

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The Metaphor of the thread

July 2020 

the Tyrrhenian Sea

Two months after the start of the health emergency, Giuntini structures a new business unit dedicated to the production of protective clothing 

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Tuscan economy

April 29 2020 

the sun 24 hours

From fashion luxury to personal protective equipment: Giuntini responds to the health emergency by converting production into masks, gowns and protective suits 

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Italian entrepreneurs in the world

March 24 

MF fashion

Giuntini, like the greats of the fashion system, converts production into non-woven masks and coveralls for healthcare personnel.

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Activities exempted from the stop on 22 March

March 24 

the Republic

From traditional manual processing of the most refined tailor made, to constant research that leads to the use of new technologies and certification of production processes: in a word, “versatility”. This is why prestigious luxury fashion brands choose Giuntini.

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Focus on excellent companies

December 11 2019


Corriere della Sera

A family and an entrepreneurial activity: Giuntini has evolved over the years from a family business to an industry, thanks to the know-how founded on the solid foundations of craftsmanship and a strong vocation for fashion and the world of luxury fashion. 

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Family businesses win the challenge of globalization

Special Made in Tuscany

December 2 2019


Corriere della Sera

It all started in 1957, from Landa Sabatini's great passion for fashion. In those years his first knitwear business was born in Valdera, since then Landa has never stopped and Giuntini fully expresses the soul of its founder, between experience of artisan tradition and enthusiasm towards a future of continuous changes.

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Fashion Special

December 19 2016


in the heart of Tuscany

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The headquarters are in a quiet location, but well connected to the main communication routes, 20 km from Pisa and 40 km from Florence 


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