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open space


open space

When we rethought the modeling department together with And Studio Architect of Calcinaia (PI) the concept was immediately an open space where creativity and people could be connected, in a continuous exchange of inputs and information.

Prototyping is the core business of the company, here from an idea a dress with all its fascinating "complications" is born. People interact with each other and with the space that surrounds them continuously. 


The workstations must facilitate relationships, but also be comfortable and functional for both terminal and manual work, which is why the environment has been designed with dark walls and light worktops. 


We have focused in particular on the lighting system, with lamps suspended on the worktops also absorb the acoustic reverberation. 

about living

"The metaphor of the wire" is the title of the article in the magazine Abitare July-August 2020, where the focus is on lighting, as the key element of the whole furnishing concept: "Artemide's Eggboard LED lamps suspended on the worktops also absorb acoustic reverberation. A24 is also the work of Artemide, the line of light designed by Carlotta de Bevilacqua that smoothly winds through the spaces like a thread ".