The result of a very accurate craftsmanship, a true sartorial luxury


Seams, no thanks! The heat sealing of the fabrics allows to eliminate the seams and obtain a very particular effect.


It is applied on all resistant materials such as leather and other fabrics, to make them completely waterproof.


Specific machines for applying adhesive strips

PROFILES and finishes

There is a great variety of choice of materials to be used for heat sealing based on the final effect to be obtained: leather, glossy or opaque plastic, canvas ... the only common denominator is the minimalist and innovative tone that the garment takes .

RESISTANCE and lightness

Each heat-sealed garment is characterized by a particular lightness, which gives great comfort, without losing resistance. 

aesthetic heat sealing

Hems, cuffs, internal finishes: heat sealing is used to join fabrics, but also as a simple aesthetic solution to finish the ends.

in the heart of Tuscany

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The headquarters are in a quiet location, but well connected to the main communication routes, 20 km from Pisa and 40 km from Florence 


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