precious fabrics

A precious dress requires a mix of creativity, experience and great sartorial skill

fluid fabrics 

The impalpable fabrics, moreover, embroidered require a very particular processing. Generally it is about limited editions that require a very special care, which only very expert hands are able to manage.


embroidered organza

The placement is done by hand when there is an embroidery to be reconstructed, the packaging is particularly cared for reconstruct the drawing according to the required parameters.

lace and tulle

Some processes are very complex and require a rather long preparatory phase. Trimmings in tulle and lace to be joined according to a predefined pattern are not simply a blouse, but a small work of art, the result of painstaking work, which only expert and skilled workers are able to create. Hidden stitches, curls, and a model to follow, made up of many tiny pieces.


Silk and applications

The fabrics are light, made to slip, folds, soft flounces and pleats are the favorite processes, to move bodices and skirts.

Simplicity is only apparent and hides a series of very accurate processes that focus attention on details, such as buttoning and trimming applications.

in the heart of Tuscany

joints spa

The company is located in a quiet area, but well connected to the main communication routes, 20 km from Pisa and 40 km from Florence. 


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