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precious fabrics

A precious fabric requires a mix of creativity, experience and great tailoring ability

precious fabrics

The impalpable embroidered fabrics need a very particular manufacture. Generally these are limited editions that require special care, which only very experienced hands can handle.


plissÈ and curling

Smoked bodice is a clever mix of technology, experience and mastery that allows us to obtain curled or embossed effects, which give the fabric a very high elasticity.

lace and tulle

Some processes are very complex and require a rather long preparatory phase. Trimmings in tulle and lace joined according to a predefined scheme, are not simply a shirt, but a work of art, which only skilled and trained workers are able to create. Hidden points, curls, into a model, made by many tiny pieces.



The placement is done by hand when there is an embroidery to be rebuilt, the seam is particularly accurate to reconstruct the design according to the required parameters.


The fabrics are light, made to slip, pleats and rouches are the favourites manufactures for shirts and skirts.

Simplicity is only apparent and hides a series of very accurate processes that focus attention on details, such as buttoning and trimmings applications.

nel cuore della toscana

giuntini spa

L’azienda si trova in una zona tranquilla, ma ben connessa con le principali vie di comunicazione, 20 km da Pisa e 40 km da Firenze. 


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