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Coronavirus Emergency and solidarity of the Made in Italy: Italian Textile Production Chain with Pesenti Foundation to rescue of those who work in the front line.

Along with other Italian Textile industries that have re-purposed their manufacturing sites from fashion products into protective clothing, we have established a strong cooperation with Pesenti Foundation in Bergamo to support all those who provide aid every day in the front line.

With the initiative Help us to help, the Foundation has set up a fundraiser intended to the procurement of protective clothing, at all those Italian companies that proved the great strength of Made in Italy, which is, since ever the flagship of our Country for its creativity and versatility as well as for its initiative and solidarity.

We are proud to be part of this project and have the possibility to provide support for the emergency. We are used to work at fast pace and now more than ever, we are ready to react with the same enthusiasm and passion that we normally dedicate to our job, to produce the necessary to protect the healthcare staff, as we strongly believe that the health protection is the primary objective of any community and everyone should have the duty to do its part.

A current account is active, dedicated to all those who wish to help the Pesenti Foundation in this support action.
Foundation Pesenti will provide donors with a report of what have been received and the evidence of the individual initiatives supported through its website.


Donations/Payments can be made by bank transfer using the following bank details
Bank: UBI – Filiale 6024 sede di Bergamo
Account headed to: FONDAZIONE PESENTI – Emergenza Covid19
Via S. Bernardino, 149/A – 24126 Bergamo
IBAN: IT97X0311111101000000065918 (for transfers from abroad BLOPIT22)
Reason of payment “donazione Fondazione Pesenti per emergenza coronavirus” (donation Foundation Pesenti for Coronavirus emergency) including: name, surname and tax code/VAT number of the donor

pesenti foundation

Since its constitution the Pesenti Foundation pays highest attention to the necessities of the territory in which it operates and initiated and sustained in the year many cultural, educational and charity initiatives. Among the most significant projects the collaborations with foreign and Italian universities, the constant sustain to the scientific research and disclosure, humanitarian and social solidarity projects, artistic and cultural patronages, international conferences on economic and social current affairs.
In the actual situation of sanitary emergency the foundation have immediately collected the request of help from Bergamo, its town ravaged by the pandemic, and activated all its resources to sustain the struggle that local health institutions are waging with great courage.
– Funding for Papa Giovanni Hospital
– Support for “Abitare la Cura” initiative aimed at transforming some hotels of the town into hospitalized residencies for the therapeutic isolation of the people infected with the virus
– Contribution for the construction of the Hospital Alpini at the Bergamo Fair
– Donation to institutions of 100.000 rapid devices for the qualitative detection of antibodies to COVID-19
– Donation to Croce Rossa Italiana