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Giuntini was founded in 1957 by Landa Sabatini great passion for fashion.

From knitwear to outerwear, to tailored double garments, the company grows as the partner of the most famous international brands.

Today, after 50 years in business, Giuntini combines craftsmanship to industrial production, creativity and technology, leveraging its expertise and its tradition, always looking at the future.

A family direct this orchestra made by many different elements, able to create unique harmonies: Landa Sabatini and Germano Giuntini with their three children Roberta, Andrea and Nicola. Thanks to their ability to enhance the characteristics of the workers, finding the right location for each instrument, the company is moving in unison toward a future that makes versatility its real strength, consolidating a success borned by the ability to find creative and innovative solutions  from the know-how that comes from the solid bases of artisan experience.

From prototype to delivery to customer warehouse, through the realization of clothes destined for the catwalk, sample collections, production; a complex process, with a cycle that begins and run out in less than three months, in accordance with the quality standards of the “luxury” and according to the changing needs of the market of fashion houses.

With more than 3,000 prototypes a year and a production capacity of 400,000 women clothing, of which 50% “head-shoulder”, thanks to the know-how to manage and optimize a complex and delicate, production process, Giuntini become a reference point for the most famous names of Italian and international fashion, an additional, reliable partner with a DNA of the “service” and “problem solving”.

The foundations of this industrial process are the artisan experience created by Landa Sabatini, “the Double Lady”, as everybody still call, with dedication and perseverance she was able to transform a passion  in entrepreneurial activity of great international success.