Human imagination has no limit, especially when it concerns fashion. Turning an idea into something real, making a dream come true and amazing people are all aspects that make our job so special. Research leads to experiment with shapes, colours and materials. It is...

The Evergreen trench coat

Do you know how the trench coat got its name? At the beginning, the trench coat was a raincoat worn by British Army officers during the First World War in order to defend themselves against rain and mud. Thomas Burberry, an enterprising outfitter from Surrey and...

Laser: the embroidery becomes “techno”

Technology could help but a machine remains only a machine without an idea to be realized and its conceiver behind. The investment in leading edge machineries does not replace but completes human creativity … like a “bionic limb” ! We are joking obviously! Embroidery...

Use a tape in place of the stitch

Even-though we are all used to take them for granted, stitches and connections represent one of the most important aspect of the garment make, and also one of the most delicate. It is often underestimated that despite the littleness of needle holes, these can...

Luxury Flights of Fancy

“Each garment needs a soul”. But who is the one to enhance the soul ? The stylist designing it or the woman wearing it? Only the ones used to pass wisely from an intuition to a garment can understand what we are talking aboutHands used to “translate” a simple sketch,...

Double face: elegance is reversible

if  you have never worn a Double face garment you probably do not have the idea of the experience.  – the beautiful sensation on skin stems from the lack of lining, but especially from the awareness of wearing a garment with an history, the result of a crafted...

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Gli headquarters sono  in una località tranquilla, ma ben collegata alle principali arterie di comunicazione, a 20 Km da Pisa e a 40 km da Firenze


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