Technology could help but a machine remains only a machine without an idea to be realized and its conceiver behind.

The investment in leading edge machineries does not replace but completes human creativity … like a “bionic limb” !

We are joking obviously!

Embroidery is always one of the highest expressions of human sensitivity and dexterity

Laser does not replace it but allows inlay and perforation; then, its applications in the embroidery are almost infinite.

Thanks to laser technique it’s possible to engrave leather, knitwear and many different kind of fabrics sharply, by obtaining the perfect perforations as well as applications.


The versatility of the laser embroidery is doubtless: it can allow different engraving power, lower for light materials as silk and cotton, maximum for felt, hide and leathers.  The big dimensions of the work field allow many different options which include inlay and perforations, carving and embroidery, embellishments with sequins and gems.