Even-though we are all used to take them for granted, stitches and connections represent one of the most important aspect of the garment make, and also one of the most delicate.

It is often underestimated that despite the littleness of needle holes, these can compromise the strength-proof of the fabric without avoiding possible infiltrations


By applying the Thermo-fusing construction is possible to seal the joints perfectly, refinishing them with adhesive tapes by giving protection and maximum endurance to the infiltrations in the course of time. That’s why this construction is used for sportswear and technical garments where the thermos-fused tapes guarantee the perfect waterproofing and protection from liquids and air.


However, the thermos-fusing technique have conquered, also and especially, a fashion feature.

The ornamental thermo-fused tapes are appropriate to the continuous research and experimentations as joining different fabrics – difficult to be bonded together – to get unusual and unexpected results