“Each garment needs a soul”.
But who is the one to enhance the soul ? The stylist designing it or the woman wearing it?

Only the ones used to pass wisely from an intuition to a garment can understand what we are talking
aboutHands used to “translate” a simple sketch, a flight of fancy, in art to be worn.
Manual skill and technology, experience, study and research, to achieve something aimed to astonish the ones
used to beauty!

In our company an idea originates a garment.
A fancy flight becomes real and brings all our knowledge and souls in itself
Qui i voli pindarici del lusso prendono vita.
Here luxury fancy flights come alive

Lace and stones

Making lace, ethereal fabric “par excellence”, shine. A challenge with an amazing result by which the raincoat
becomes and evening dress!

The stones have been handstitched one by one